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Portraits exhibition in the lecture hall of Wells Museum


 Scroll down to explore a selection of material from our exhibitors.

Our thanks go to the exhibitors for providing material to go online.

Please do not reproduce images or films without permission of the artist.

Virtual Exhibitions
Wells high street
The Changing Shops of Wells

Online Film
Egypt 2009 561.jpg
Robin Gray
Photographic Exhibition
a Guiding hand enhanced 2.jpg
Michael Brobson
Scenes from the Mountains
- An Art Exhibition -
Joeby Slight
U3A art group exhibition
Painting for Pleasure
- An Art Exhibition -
Wells U3A
Still life painting by Brian Luker
As I See It
- An Art Exhibition - 
Brian Luker
- An Exhibition of Photography, Painting & Print -
Thea, Arran & Philip Willcocks
Cheddar Gorge.jpg
The Mendip Hills
- A Selection of Short Films -
The Mendip Society
Lord of the Dance scupture exhibition by Simon Latham
Lord of the Dance
- An Exhibition of Sculpture -
Simon Latham
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