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The Balch Room owes its name to the museum's founder, Herbert E. Balch. From Stone Age tools to an ancient mammoth's tusk, the gallery presents a fascinating selection of artefacts from his collection.

Balch Room

The museum has had a 'Balch Room' for many years, but the gallery in its current format opened in 2014.


The Balch Room houses a unique collection of artefacts, most of which were discovered around the Mendip Hills. Herbert Balch, during his excavations at Wookey Hole Cave, discovered a large number of Stone Age tools, Iron Age artefacts, and prehistoric remains.


These are displayed along with finds from Ebbor Gorge, Wookey Hole ravine, and other local areas. Much of the collection is presented in the beautiful original wooden cabinets. 


The bones of the 'Witch of Wookey Hole' are sensitively displayed at the end of the gallery, along with a selection of the intriguing items found with her.

The Balch Room's redevelopment was funded through generous donations from Wookey Hole Caves and the AONB Sustainable Development Fund (Mendip Hills).

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