We have three rooms available for hire, as well as a beautiful walled garden. 


The Lecture Hall is available for daytime or evening events, and can be booked to include use of The Walled Garden and kitchen. The Meeting Room is in the main museum building and is available for daytime events only.


The Exhibition Room, overlooking the Cathedral Green, is available for exhibitions lasting a week or longer.

Event Space

The Lecture Hall

The Lecture Hall was opened in 2000 and is a light and airy space, perfect for larger gatherings. It has a maximum seated capacity of 100 people, with Wi-Fi and a projector on request. 


Hire of The Lecture Hall includes use of the walled garden and self-catering kitchen. The hall is at the rear of the museum, so there is direct access via the back gates in the daytime and evenings.​

The Lecture Hall contains a hearing loop system, installed with support from the National Lottery's Awards For All scheme. The room is fully accessible to wheelchairs and mobility scooters and is close to the accessible toilets.

Lecture Hall Rental Rates:

Includes use of the walled garden and kitchen 


Standard Rates (excl. VAT)                                                            

Full Day  // £121.00

Half Day or Evening // £71.50                                       


Registered Charities (excl. VAT)

Full Day // £71.50

Half Day or Evening // £44.00       

The Meeting Room

The Meeting Room is situated in the original part of the museum and has a maximum seated capacity of 22 people. It provides an excellent space for temporary exhibitions or daytime events. A projector and screen can also be set up on request. 


Note that access to the kitchen facilities is not available if The Lecture Hall is in use at the same time. Unfortunately, The Meeting Room is not available for evening bookings. If you would like to hold an evening event, please consider The Lecture Hall.

The room is fully accessible to wheelchairs and mobility scooters, and not far from the ground floor accessible toilets.

Meeting Room Rental Rates:


Standard Rates (excl. VAT)                                                            

Full Day  // £71.50

Half Day // £35.00                                       


Registered Charities (excl. VAT)

Full Day  // £47.00

Half Day // £26.50

The Walled Garden

We have a beautiful walled garden available for hire, which includes use of The Lecture Hall and kitchen. With a raised lawn, meadow area, terraced garden and benches, the museum garden is a relaxing space to wander with a tea or coffee, or enjoy a picnic. The garden has been designated a 'Wildlife Garden' by Somerset Wildlife Trust. When not in use the garden is open for visitors to explore as part of museum admission.


If you choose to hire the garden you will have full use of The Lecture Hall and kitchen - perfect for weatherproofing your outdoor event. The lawn offers plenty of space for a gazebo and garden furniture. Steeped in history*, the terraced garden gives stunning views of the cathedral (see photos). The garden is directly accessible from The Lecture Hall and will be closed to the public when a private event is booked. Rental rates are the same as for The Lecture Hall hire. 

Garden Rental Rates: 

Includes use of The Lecture Hall and kitchen 


Standard Rates (excl. VAT)                                                            

Full Day  // £121.00

Half Day or Evening // £71.50                                       


Registered Charities (excl. VAT)

Full Day // £71.50

Half Day or Evening // £44.00


* Archaeological excavations in the garden have revealed a wealth of interesting finds. The oldest artefact is a carved head of Romanesque style which may date from the 11th or early 12th century, pre-dating the museum building and even the current cathedral. The garden wall has traces of lime plaster which date from the 12th century. You can discover more inside the museum or by clicking here.

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Exhibition Space

The Exhibition Room

The Exhibition Room is available for longer term exhibitions lasting a week or more. The room is made up of two adjacent spaces on a mezzanine level at the front of the museum, offering stunning views of Wells Cathedral and the Cathedral Green. This has been described by some exhibitors as "the best view in Wells!"

If you are interested in using The Exhibition Room, please contact the museum manager, Christine Fewer, to discuss availability and prices. 


Unfortunately, the room is not accessible to wheelchairs and mobility scooters.

Christine Fewer: or 01749 673477

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