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The Coleridge Archive, housed in the museum library, is open to visitors and researchers by prior arrangement. The catalogue is available to view on this page.

Coleridge Archive

The Coleridge Archive

Wells & Mendip Museum Library


The Coleridge Archive recently established in the Library of Wells & Mendip Museum is now open to visitors and researchers by prior arrangement. It was set up during the COVID-19 lockdown and is still a nucleus of what it is intended to become.


At present it contains some 30 books by or on Samuel Taylor Coleridge mostly from the personal Library of Stuart Andrews (Hon. Librarian), including his own titles The Rediscovery of America (1998) and The Lake Poets in Prose (2021). At present there are 12 folders - soon to be augmented when the conference season recovers – of articles and lectures by other Coleridge scholars, together with other illustrative material.

Donations of books not yet in the inventory or articles (published or unpublished) will be welcomed on notification to the Hon. Librarian.

Stuart Andrews, Hon. Librarian

01749 673477 (main museum number)

Click the icon below to access the catalogue:

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The catalogue will be updated as new material is acquired.

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