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We would like to thank everyone who supported our coronavirus lockdown fundraiser.

The Crowdfunder campaign has raised £9,000, not including several further donations made directly to the museum.


Our fundraiser on was a great success, raising £9,000.

The museum found itself in an unprecedented situation following the COVID-19 lockdown.


As an independent self-supported charity we are not government funded, relying instead on donations, tickets, venue hire and gift sales. With the loss of all room bookings, tickets and shop sales, our income dropped dramatically. Despite taking steps to reduce outgoings, it still cost £500 a week to look after the collections and historic listed building during the closure.

Within hours the donations were flooding in and we reached half of our target after just a few days. Everyone at the museum was overwhelmed by the outpouring of generosity from the local community and further afield. The Crowdfunder campaign ended having raised £9,000. Along with this we received several generous donations by cheque.

We have thoroughly enjoyed reading the kind comments left by supporters on the Crowdfunder page, and you can see a selection of these below.

We would particularly like to note the donations made in memory of three previous curators:

Desmond Donovan, Chris Hawkes and Barry Lane.  


Although the Crowdfunder campaign has ended, the page remains live and open for donations:

The museum is much loved and part of our community. Wells would not be the same without it.

- Christine

Keep going at all costs. You are too valuable a facility for the community.

- Frank

Mendip Calligraphy Group really values the museum, and we hold our Calligraphy Exhibitions in the beautiful gallery space.


Our July Exhibition has had to be postponed to next year, and we are looking forward to be back again when it is reopened.

- Mendip Calligraphy Group

Whenever I enter the museum I feel a sense of calm, it is a truly wonderful place.


The staff and volunteers are so special, I would hate to see this very special asset to Wells close.

- Anthony

Love the museum, wishing all the best.

- Leah

Hard times for all things art and cultural, and once they are gone they are gone.


Wells Museum is a legacy for generations to come. It is nice to think there are those who care enough to protect it.

- Christine

Wells Museum inspired my museums/heritage career and gave me valuable work experience. Thank you and all the best.

- Rachael

I think that it is very important to support our museums and places of historic interest. After all, without knowing how generations behaved in the past, we do not know what to do for the future to avoid making the same mistakes!

- Anthony

Wells and its history mean so much to local people, and those who love the city but have moved away.


It's important to preserve the museum for the sake of the city's heritage.

- Nicola

This is far too good a museum to lose. It needs support.

- Peter

Although I live in Sussex, I am happy to support the museum.


I believe the museum is a shining example of its kind, and as a caver I wholeheartedly support the work that it does and recommend anyone to visit when possible again, and discover the adventures of exploring under Mendip.

- Peter

I believe this is so very important. The museum is a centre of learning, a happy place for the public, and is encouraging our younger generation to become involved in investigating the past.

- Linda

It’s one of the treasures in Wells, it’s our heritage!

- Denise

Vital for community and visitors alike.

- Ann

Great idea to support local cultural organisations - well done on getting this started.

- Deb & Endaf

Wells Museum was such a large part of our childhood. We were evacuated to Chilcompton. My mum used to put me, aged 8 or 9, with my brother, aged 4 or 5, on the bus to Wells.


She gave us both 1 shilling 2d for two entries to the museum, a tour of Wells Cathedral and clocks, a walk round the Bishop’s Palace moat and a trip down the High Street for two lots of fish and chips... then back on the four o’clock bus!

- Pam

Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to conduct research on H.E. Balch's material from Badger Hole, towards my recent MSc dissertation.


Good luck with your fundraising efforts at this difficult time.

- Tim

Cavers owe it to Balch to support the museum.

- Philip

The museum is extremely useful for researchers in many disciplines, particularly local history and archaeology, and deserves to be fully supported.

- Terence

I love this little museum. You are always made to feel very welcome. Thank you to all the volunteers who run it.

- Bee

We are pleased to offer our support to the initiative to keep Wells Museum open for the community.

- Probusiness Accountants, Wells

Keep up the good work - these artefacts need to be maintained, displayed and explained.

- Peter

It is vital we keep the is a treasure trove of so much relating to our historic city.

- Sylvia & Richard

A brilliant idea to get the museum through difficult times. Hope to do some research there as soon as you reopen.

- Dave

The Wells Museum is a unique and valued addition to the attractions of Wells and needs to be cherished in these troubled times.

- Clive

The museum is an important part of Wells Heritage Partnership with cathedral and Bishop's Palace. It needs to be supported for now and the future. It is also fun!

- Paddy

Thank you for helping to record our local caving heritage.

- Andrew

A great local resource which deserves support.

- Louis

It is essential that Wells & Mendip Museum survives this difficult time.

- Claire

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