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As I See It

- An Art Exhibition -

Brian Luker

This page showcases work from Brian Luker's exhibition As I See It. 

Brian was due to exhibit in the museum, but unfortunately had to postpone due to the COVID-19 lockdown.  


Brian Luker learnt watercolour from the renowned ornithological painter R. B. Talbot-Kelly. His paintings of aeroplanes are distributed around the world with the fellow pilots he gave them to, so the earliest picture here is of La Alhambra in Granada University. Career and family then produced a gap of 30 years in Brian's artistic pursuits.


After a first heart attack, Brian took up painting again as successful therapy to regain concentration. His work has developed since, with a more vivid palette and enjoyment of the different tactility and process that oils provide in such contrast to watercolour. In both media he loves texture and the understanding of shape, shadows and reflection. His subjects vary widely from still life, figure, landscape (en plein air, when possible) to portrait works.


David Cuthbert and Robert Maxwell-Wood have been very influential in these developments, while his work is featured in Ros Cuthbert’s book Introduction to Painting Portraits. He has exhibited at RWS. Brian’s work is firmly in the realist tradition and reflects a clarity of view that goes, he hopes, with his view of the world. Heroes are Hockney and Freud (“rescuers of English painting”), but his favourite painting is the Vista de Toledo by El Greco, a portrait of Brian’s best-loved city in Spain.


Please do not reproduce images without permission of the artist.

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