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Here you can search the Wells City Archives databases online.

Wells City Archives Databases


Our team of volunteers has been working hard on digitising some of the historic documents in our collection. The databases they have created contain many details of interest to those investigating their family history, house history and local history. Three of them are made available here, online, for free.


Warmest thanks to the volunteers for their invaluable contribution.


Viewing the databases


The databases are listed below. You can open them as PDFs and then search them.

Click on the red text to open the document you want to see.

Photo credits


Image of St Cuthbert’s Church © Wells & Mendip Museum

The other two images © Wells City Council Archives


Viewing and searching the databases

The databases are listed above. You can open them as PDFs without charge and then

search them:


  • Click on the red text to open the document you want to see.

  • Use the + button at the top of the screen to enlarge the text to the size you want.

  • Select Edit | Find (OR click the icon of a magnifying glass at the top left of the screen OR type CTRL + F). A search dialogue will open.

  • Type your search term (e.g. your family’s surname) into the search box. A message will appear in the search dialogue which tells you how many exact matches there are.

  • Click anywhere on the screen then click Next in the search dialogue OR click the down arrow in the dialogue. The first occurrence of your search term will be highlighted.

  • Continue clicking Next or clicking the down arrow to find each further occurrence of the search term.



Copyright and permission for use of these databases


Please acknowledge Wells City Archives if you make use of the material. The copyright of the original documents is owned by Wells City Council.


These databases have been prepared by City Archives volunteers and the City Archivist, and are intended for use for research or private study for a non-commercial purpose. You should not lend, sell or reproduce these copies of the database, or charge others for using the material.


Written consent for reproducing, quoting from or publishing the databases must be obtained from Jonathan Chivers (Archives Manager), who you can email at:



If you have any questions or would like further information, you are welcome to email the Archives Manager, who will be delighted to help you:



Wells City Archives is hugely grateful to all the volunteers who have given their time to produce these databases. In particular Wells City Archives wishes to thank Dr Julia Wood, former City Archivist, for leading the project, Joe White for making the databases accessible online and Austin Little, who made the project possible.

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