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Robin Gray

A Photographic Exhibition

Robin Gray is probably better known to the museum's galleries as a painter. For many years he has exhibited his famous 'Organic Abstract' paintings in The Exhibition Room - the double gallery upstairs.


Robin says he loves to use this gallery as it is one of Somerset’s only art spaces that is large enough for his work, and is provided with excellent lighting and hanging facilities. It is an ideal space for some of his larger paintings. 


Robin is also a keen local caver and enjoys visiting high mountains as well. He has held several successful exhibitions of his figurative paintings in the museum, and cavers and mountaineers have enjoyed the shows immensely.


What is probably not so well known is that Robin has also been a very successful photographer and teacher of photography. He has started a great many professional photographers onto successful careers, as well holding many one man photographic exhibitions and providing illustrations for books and postcards. He was for a long time, director of Reflex Action and the Meare Arts Centre. Reluctantly moving from film to digital photography, he still walks every day with his camera, recording the amazing things that people often miss.

Mounted prints are available on request. 


A3  //  £45-£48

A4  //  £30

Please do not reproduce images without permission of the artist.

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