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This gallery tells the story of the inhabitants of Wells using artefacts from the museum's collections and documents from the Wells City Archives.

Wells CIty Gallery

The Wells City Gallery tells the story of the city and inhabitants of Wells using artefacts from the museum collections and the Wells City Archives. The exhibition focuses on the history of Wells from the 18th century onwards, and shines a light on several important events of the city's past. 


The gallery has a fine collection of 18th and 19th century English wine glasses and bottles, illustrating the way of life of the inhabitants of No.8 Cathedral Green, the house that later became the museum.

Explore the arrival of the railways in Wells, early policing in the city, tales of wartime St. John Ambulance volunteers, and the story of Bob Fry the railwayman. Learn about Phillips City Photography Studio and see the very first swan to be taught to ring the bell for food at the Bishop’s Palace. From the antique dolls' house, complete with doll-sized mice, to Samuel Taylor Coleridge, who wrote many of his best known works in Somerset, you will discover an eclectic mix of displays centred on the heritage of the area.  

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