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Ice Age beasts of the Mendips

We are excited to be working with artist and film maker Sean Harris as part of our National Lottery Heritage Funded 'Search & Learn' Project. Sean completed a residency with the museum in 2017 which culminated in 'Playing with Time', an installation inspired by the museum's palaeontology collections (

To contemplate the cave paleontology collections of Wells & Mendip Museum is to consider the differing meanings held by great extinct beasts; for our distant forebears in the many millennia before the Enlightenment, for us in the scientific age – and for the explorers of the Victorian era who created the bridge spanning the two.” Sean Harris

On Saturday 24 September Sean will be leading an animation workshop at the museum, inspired by the Ice Age beasts of the Mendips. The workshop is part of a series of family events we are organising in partnership with Somerset Art Works. Entry is free and there is no need to book - drop in any time between 10am and 3.30pm. The usual charge applies for the rest of the museum.


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